Bringing technology expertise and strategic partnerships in


Software Development

We specialize in creating robust, powerful and intuitive desktop and is tributed network application


Mobile Application

We provide full-cycle custom mobile development for enterprise, real estate, e-commerce and other industries



Torops team of the professional UI and UX designers make sure your project isn`t lost among thousand of others.


Architecture & Consulting

At Torops, we deliver high-performing websites and platforms to our clients.


DevOps & Infrastructure

Our DevOps team support projects and helps customer to reach their goals efficiently.


MVP & Startup Strategy

Torops helps to launch your startup

Torops provides the team to take your tech from concept to fruition

Full cycle development delivering innovative technology solutions for growing companies and startups on a rise

Torops Top Talent

Torops brings technology, talent and expertise driven solutions to growing companies and startups on the rise. Our core team consists of tech entrepreneurs and dozens of software developers seasoned in Java, PHP, RoR, .Net and various other technology stacks. Specializing in front end, back end, database infrastructures, DevOps, QA, Mobile and Web development, our teams have nearly a decade of experience building simply intuitive to intricate software product for clients looking to take their idea or MVP to the next level.

Save time – Reduce cost

Torops is your personalized tech partner. We do the heavy lifting by assembling a custom  team built around your distinct development needs. This team is yours to leverage the way you would your in house employees. With Torops, save up to 50% compared to local resources, cut out the cost of recruiting fees, office space, employee benefits and hourly rates. Together, our dedicated teams can focus on productivity, speeding up the development process and take you to market twice as fast. Let us take on your development needs while you focus on other aspects of business growth by working with our Sr. developers and designers on your next project.

Communication is key

Collaborate with our team as you would with your own. Using modern and simple project management tools, stay on top of all tasks and have full transparency into the progress of work. Your dedicated team is available ’round the clock and in real time via Slack, Skype or any other team messenger of your choice ensuring efficient collaboration. We operate at your pace, communicate in your channels and participate in your daily standups to provide the most seamless team environment between Torops and your organization.



Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with services that have been effectively
used in marketing for as long as marketing exists.
Mike Paffmann

I worked with Torops on different projects for myself and my clients. Every time I’m more and more impressed with the speed and the quality of work—and we had some pretty challenging analytical software that needed to be built. It required a lot of knowledge and API integrations, and Torops handled everything with efficiency and produced outstanding work. Great company.

Mike PaffmannOwner @ PaffPR

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