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Torops is a global software engineering and technology partner. Based in New York City with multiple development centers in Ukraine, we deliver software development services, solutions, and top tech talent to entrepreneurs, startups on the rise, and Fortune 500 companies.

With an infrastructure of 100+ tech engineers with expertise covering the entire spectrum, we provide our partners with a range of services including Software Application Development, Mobile Application Development, User Experience & User Interface Design, Product Development, and Engineering Consulting.

Development centers

Where to find us?

Having a development team and willing to expand it with niche-skilled resources? Be sure that we have the one you need. Our Ukraine, Mexico software development centers became a home for 20+ teams working with customers. The teams are hosted in our cozy offices and are fully managed by customers.


  • Europe’s No. 1 IT outsourcing powerhouse
  • Estimated 90,000 IT professionals, and 200,000 are expected by 2020
  • 100+ R&D centers operated by global high-tech companies like Cisco, Oracle, Samsung
  • 30,000+ IT graduates annually


  • 3rd Largest exporter of IT services globally
  • 100,000+ Developers
  • 120 universities and technical schools graduate about 65,000 students with IT-related degrees every year
Serving tech entrepreneurs, growing companies and startups on the rise, Torops provides the team to take your tech from concept to fruition
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