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Torops provides the full tech infrastructure needed for web development, marketing, advertising and PR agencies to build & implement your clients mobile app, web app, platform or tech solution. Working alongside your existing technology strategists and leaders, we are able to provide talented developers and designers on an affordable monthly retainer. 

Our infrastructure allows any agency to scale faster by assigning the best-fit talent for your clients projects within days instead of months and offer the flexibility you need to accomodate nearly any project. On average, agencies save up to 40% on development fees by working with Torops and streamlining development projects with us.

Our teams are trained to work under your existing agency infrastructure and can communicate with your clients, CTO’s, and project managers all on your schedule. To ensure the best fit for your agency, all candidates go though a thorough vetting  process: English exams, design & coding tests, and face-to-face interviews with the Torops HR team and Chief Technology Officer.

 Let Torops seamlessly integrate with your existing development team to see how we can help you accelerate ongoing engineering and design efforts.

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