Transformation in the highly competitive and regulated FinTech industry has already become a hot topic for all banking and financial institutions that know they must modernize and differentiate to remain competitive in the marketplace. The need for a digitalized financial business models like financial planning software, investment banking software is already here. Up and coming FinTech companies and traditional financial institutions alike are quickly adjusting to reduce risk with security management software for banking systems, drive more engagement through mobile and digital advancement and optimize their financial services to deliver more personalized and integrated services.

Companies like Betterment, Mint, Coin, and others are paving the way for simple mobile finance for common individuals. With the increase of mobile usage in emerging markets, FinTech solutions can truly become global and will need highly customized software and infrastructure to do so. With markets for wealth management, insurance and mortgages all aiming to cut out the middle man and deal directly with customers, it’s crucial to develop modern, secure, streamlined software to to remain competitive.  

Key trends affecting application development in healthcare include:

  • Mobile device growth and mobile self-service

  • Use of Big Data & Business Intelligence.

  • High demand of governance, risk, compliance, transparency, reporting software solutions

  • Transaction, Credit, Debit Monitoring & Management software

  • Investment, Loan, Grant & Wealth Management software solutions

  • Data security and privacy regulations

  • Cloud computing

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